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Put it bit more concretely, it looks like it comes and goes through our natural ‘off’ status and our ‘on’ status.

Undoubtedly it will be conveyed from the very first.

They used to be quite close, but he older they go and especially every since Jun hit his late-bloomer awkward teenage-phase (as he is the youngest, let’s not forget), they have drifted apart and just don’t have anything in common anymore. But they are two completely different personalities in a lot of ways and I do believe Jun had a bit of an inferiority complex for a long time too, especially towards Sho who archieved so much even outside of Arashi.

Jun was a guest on Sho’s show a few weeks ago and they pretty much said they aren’t friends, just work colleagues who are together a lot because of work. Hi sleepystrawberry, I had absolutely no idea that Jun had even guested on Abunai Yakai (I’ve been out of the loop for months sadly) but thank you for letting me know your thoughts on this matter!

–make an effort to wear different colored shirts and badges… And it’s not really in the hairstyle and clothes that make a man. Get to know the person and who knows, you’ll discover an artist hidden behind the sleepy fisherman, or an adorable fail in the newscaster, or a hilarious guy in the DS otaku, a shy, warm person in the Do S and a lovable animal-lover in the airhead.

So every time every time we have to make things that ‘Ah, I haven’t seen it before’.

However, though sometimes such attitude may be reflected in innovative things, I don’t think I want to be innovative……

This is my own interpretation and understanding of their conversation. I hope that helps you out a little, and thank you for visiting my blog even though it has been empty for so long!

To add my two cents: When they were still juniors, Jun was a total Sho fanboy.

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