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These shows and films should give you a very basic grounding in what areas the world of robotic ethics research is currently exploring.

Oh, and don't read further if you don't want any spoilers for anything that's come out in the past few decades.

, the questions that academics are currently pondering have already been played out, fictionally at least, on TV.

To spare you a lot of very dry reading, you can instead sit down with this (digital) cut-out-and-keep guide on what you should be watching.

Not to mention that there's no guarantee that such hardware will be a flash in the pan, with people preferring to stick with flesh-and-blood companions for the most part.

Perhaps, as in the only real adopters of sex robots will be those who need an artificial partner as a therapeutic aid, which could be prescribed by a mental health professional.

If you want to see what real-world opposition to this technology looks like, the movie's a great place to start.

“Bots are the new apps,” Chatfuel founder Dmitry Dumik told the magazine.

“They are simple, efficient and they live where the users are — inside the messaging services.” Outbrain, a company that uses behavioral analytics to determine which set of quirky stories will appear low down on many news websites, is talking with a number of publishers about building chat bots to deliver their news via text, Forbes reported.

If last year's show was about the potential for humanity to cause harm to robots, then this year's was devoted to our anxieties about our transhumanist future. Watch: Janet fighting against deactivation in The Good Place is an easy lesson in understanding how some people are behaving now that sex robots are being developed.

One of the conference's keynote speakers was Kathleen Richardson, the academic behind the Campaign against Sex Robots, a reactionary movement that seeks an outright ban on such devices.

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