Relative dating and absolute dating worksheet

*Learn the most recent auditing standards, government and Yellow Book/single audit risk alerts, and the latest AICPA audit and accounting guides. *How to leverage your intellectual capital (human, social and structural) more effectively *Ways to add value through your methods and approaches *Identifying your best customers *Homing in on your company's core competencies and competitive advantages *Seven secrets of success from the world's greatest professional firms*Accounting Standards Update (ASU) No.*Find out what GASB projects are on the horizon.*How to hire and retain the right kind of employees *How to motivate your team and gain commitment from them *What motivates millennials *Tips for understanding and working with different work styles *Best practices for building morale, praising employees and apologizing for your mistakes *Professional development strategies for yourself and your employees *Conflict management, communication and delegation tips *How to create new business ideas to grow your company or department *How to use a system to make mega risk decisions *How to create and use an action board *Tips for dealing with stress, identifying your values and priorities, and making smarter use of your time*Key components of a sound system of internal controls over financial reporting, regardless of entity's nature, size or complexity *How to document an understanding of internal control design for common small entity transactions *Role of information technology (IT) general and application controls in reliable financial reporting, even in less-complex IT environments *Identifying and evaluating the sufficiency of key controls to satisfy control objectives *How to verify whether an understanding of the design of internal controls has actually been implemented *How to test key controls to gain assurance about operating effectiveness *Internal control design and operating deficiencies -- impact on assessed risk of material misstatement related to financial statement audits *Service organization control report -- considerations when an entity uses an outside service organization to process certain classes of transactions *Communicating internal control deficiencies to appropriate parties *The external auditor's responsibilities under various professional standards, including generally accepted auditing standards (GAAS), Yellow Book, Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB)*Uncovering why your company is in business in the first place *Looking beyond profits -- what's your company's calling? 2016-02 -- Leases (Topic 842) *Overall lease accounting guidance *Lessor accounting 101 *Lessee accounting 101 *Detailed review of accounting by lessees and lessors *Sale and leaseback transactions *Transition guidance *Other operational issues*Leadership vs.2014-09 -- Revenue from Contracts with Customers *The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) new five-step revenue recognition model *Presentation and disclosure requirements *Recent ASUs that provide implementation guidance *Industry-specific implementation issues and guidance *Identifying performance obligations *Accounting for licenses *Customer loyalty programs *Identifying a "material right" in an option *Impact on income taxes and financial systems *Other operational issues* Performing single audits under the OMB's new Uniform Guidance for Federal Awards * Developing issues and challenges involving the Yellow Book * Key AICPA developments affecting audits of governments and nonprofits * Recent GASB activities directed towards state and local governments with an emphasis on the new OPEB standards (i.e., GASB Nos.

*Investing in securities, including symptoms of Bull and Bear markets, investing for income, Daniel Amerman's "Flaws in Conventional Financial Planning," Closed end mutual funds and ETFs. *Future problems & issues as seen by Jim Willie *The compelling need for gold and silver in a portfolio today.*Hear about the most recent developments affecting single audits, including the 2017 OMB Compliance Supplement, as well as: The latest guidance on compliance requirements and single audit reporting, Changes to the Compliance Supplement, Updates on Federal Audit Clearinghouse activities and the Data Collection Form, and Single audit quality issues (including recent peer review findings).*Find out about key revisions proposed in the new exposure draft of Government Auditing Standards.*Learn the most recent auditing standards, government and Yellow Book/single audit risk alerts, and the latest AICPA audit and accounting guides.*Find out what GASB projects are on the horizon.*This program identifies strategic implementations regarding the relationship between intention, purpose and closure to the workday and their effect on transforming a workplace environment *Positive continuous improvement is increased when implementation of employee engagement techniques are in direct alignment with the organizations core values, mission and/or vision statement *This session is content rich, interactive and fun *Attendees will learn the strategies to assist them in creating an organization people want to work at and customers want to do business with* Fundamentals of organization behavior -- Defining a problem, analyzing it, & planning action suited for resolving it; theories of motivation and job design; the six elements of organizational architecture * Decision making with statistics -- Gathering statistical information, interpretation, and methods of forecasting * Finance -- Risk and return; portfolio management theories; asset allocation; capital asset pricing models; financial management; all mathematics of tax leverage and tax planning; cash flow analysis * Marketing principles/concepts -- Consumer analysis, market segmentation, distribution channels, advertising/promotion, & economic break-even analysis; competitive strategies in changing markets * Capital budgeting & marginal investment analysis -- Tax-adjusted time-value analysis, IRRs, NPV, and other methods to allocate scarce resources among business investment opportunities * Production management -- Capacity, scheduling, and inventory control issues * Macroeconomic and micro-economic concepts, the impact of business cycles and the current business environment on business plans and profitability, and how to interpret vast amounts of data available to make business decisions*Federal and California statutory and regulatory standards governing tax preparers: Preparer penalty provisions, Circular 230 and; AICPA Statements on Standards for Tax Services.

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