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Employees undergo background checks and are told of a zero-tolerance policy about inappropriate touching but Hansen said "there are no policies in any business that can ensure that an employee of a business will not break the law."The American Massage Therapy Association said massage therapists who inappropriately touch clients should face legal consequences and that people who think they have been victimized should call police.

The Homeland Security Investigations agents found that Smith, of Miami Beach, was the user of the “Cody Mathews” moniker, and an examination of Smith’s computer showed hundreds of chats with different underage girls.

Adam Horowitz, a lawyer who has handled more than two dozen sexual misconduct lawsuits involving Massage Envy, said Monday that he received 25 calls from alleged new victims following the report's publication.

The claims represent only a fraction of the tens of millions of services Massage Envy says its franchises have provided, Buzz Feed News reported.

The company tells franchisees they must conduct their own "prompt, fair, and thorough" investigation of any abuse or misconduct claims, but Buzz Feed News reported it provides little guidance on how to do so.

In court filings and in public statements, Massage Envy said it is not liable for sexual assaults that take place at the spas because of the nature of the franchise arrangement, Buzz Feed news reported.

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