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Each rasp is made with a rugged and long-lasting tungsten-carbide coating, offered in both Kutzall Original or Kutzall Grit versions.

These options provide you with the choice of extremely long lasting file/ rasps which are optimized for either the most effortless material removal, or a balance of material removal and durability on very punishing applications.

I needed to wait and see how the RASP market evolved." - Hal Taylor, Hal Two unique coating solutions to fit your application.Kutzall Original rasps feature very sharp, uniform conical teeth.Kutzall Rasps provide you with an aggressive, multi-directional rasp that will cut efficiently, resist loading, and stay sharp project after project, even under some of the most punishing applications."I have had the pleasure of using the new line of Kutzall rasps and I find them to be exquisite tools that remove wood at a brisk pace while affording very good control of the cut, which means you end up with the shape you intended!

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