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Please keep praying for Archer to recover; we are storming heaven! I thought my chest would burst in gratitude for each of them, that gesture, that love, that solidarity. I felt assured and confident that we would figure it out. And really, rehab is the priority of the injured athlete. But even if Archer had not been complicated, he would still have wanted both, to devote time to rehab and to his education. But the truth of it all is that Archer was just very complicated. And all of you, with your prayers created the energy field for what is happening now. We knew it was an unusual surgery, that is, to actually remove a pace maker, but we knew it was getting more and more risky the longer we waited. Archer has been building stamina for a year now to be able to get on to the GEO and stay and remain upright without any heart or Blood Pressure or Autonomic Dysreflexia issues. I just love to watch it move Archer’s feet and legs. There is a mirror in the GEO room in which he can watch himself. For every step you take today or tomorrow, or really just a mindful moment of one step, feel the love and freedom in that step and what it means. Well, there he was crossing the threshold of the screening suite. Man o man, can he move quickly with that stylus on an ipad and an iphone.

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We all waited and I think watched as much in curiosity as in amazement. I have met with some closeminded thinkers and I have met with some amazing people who were not only creative thinkers, but I could tell they were believers. I feel pretty good about where we are now at UPenn for Archer, their decision to accept him and his decision to say I do, and the team we are building there for his care. This was similar to Billy’s and my beloved alma mater, University of Virginia, who told Archer on a visit last summer that they couldn’t see 1.

For any of you who might have special prayer requests, please send them to me. Being website and click Interested in Learning More. From the time of tryouts to now he too has grown more and more and he is now, as an 8 grader, 6’ 1” feet tall! He said it was a like a long sports tournament but with a lot more diversity and that it was really fun. So, it’s as if we need a somebody in close proximity but who is invisible until Archer needs him or her. We are actively seeking night nurses, two full time nurses who can care for Archer.

He will forever be shiny on the inside as a result. He never once talked about it until all the performances, and then he wouldn’t stop. He looks back and talked about the rehearsals and the fun they had and what it feels like to have everything so nothing and then have everything come together. Interactions with others and college friendships are as important as the academics and quality of teaching it seems to us.

We appreciate your prayers, support and words of hope during this time when it matters most. I was so naïve in so many ways, not knowing what I know now. Archer said he wanted to gradate with his class, which meant that Archer could not lose any time from school. So, that was last Friday and we set up a conference this past Monday. But the answer was still, No for the trip to Lourdes, at least for now. But, both also being over 6 feet tall, the nice roommate situation did not last long as they separated us after about a week since the KKI hospital room literally did not have enough room for two extra long beds. He opened his big arms wide and threw back his head and his sweet face and mouth opened wide to exclaim in very labored speech HOWWWWW’s ARRRRRRCHHHHER? I was so bowled over I almost fell over but instead fell into that big embrace of his. I’ll tell you more about our medical collaboration in another post. There is so very much to do, and when each of us offers even just a little bit, it makes the world better. He also looked at and thought long and hard about Georgia Tech for it’s excellent engineering and climate, and at USC in Los Angeles for its excellent engineering and film and it’s climate, and at UCLA but we saw with a visit Bill made on Archer’s behalf that the terrain of of the school was too hilly and too many steps. So, Archer said he really liked the vibe of Philly and the campus was easy to navigate and it was close enough to home that if any emergency arose, he knew we could be there in a couple hours, and even stay with him the first couple or so months while going back and forth.

The road ahead is long, but we will be with Arch every moment of the way. In my mind, it was then mid to third week in August, Mc Donogh was starting classes in less than a week and half, he had already missed soccer tryouts and varsity placements, and I had one day in Baltimore to tour and figure it out. We will continue our lives as if regular, just living in a hospital or wherever we would be for the rehab for a couple weeks or so. Well, KKI told me they had someone on staff who was an education liaison and they would ensure he got the schooling he needed. The night of the Cum Laude event, last Monday, we had a telephone conference with a team of doctors in California. At the end of the questionnaire, they told us that Archer had passed the first screening! Being that it was May and Archer has his Senior Thesis and then will have his Senior Project, he was Ok with my not putting energy into figuring out a way. In January the members of the Order of Malta, most of whom are doctors and such, were conducting the physical screening of other potential candidates for trip to Lourdes, the one this week. The screening had been going on all-day and ended at 4pm. No sooner had I arrived on that cold Saturday at Mercy Hospital, it was weird because there was a parking space right in front of the hospital, and I felt the need to run in and hurry which I did. Archer was sleeping with his legs handing off the bed and poking out from under a curtain and there was no room for a nurse to get near a bed if she had to once I unfolded a chair near alongside archer’s bed. G had lost his ability to speak, but would let out piercing loud squeals when he was excited about something. I knew why I had to get there to see the screening. His mother is one of the sweetest ladies, like an angel, you’d ever meet. We hugged and I pulled her aside and told her all the things she needed to do to demonstrate that G could be accommodated. So, that is where our focus has been partly now that it is decided where he will go.

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