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Life carried on without the show when they were dropped in 2014 after Andy announced plans to stand as a UKIP candidate.

Then there is shrieking as the youngest of the pack, Louis, joins us on Face Time from his University of Chichester halls.

"People will stop me and say – you look just like that woman on Gogglebox.

And I say ‘That’s because I am.’ It is so funny," she said.

Louis, who was just 16 when he first appeared, said: “I have a tendency to forget I’m on it. They are disappointed when they find out it’s a film crew,” Andy said. A film crew visits twice a week to capture the episodes and the sessions in front of the television can last from just gone 6pm to midnight.

I’m pleasantly surprised that people know who I am. At one point filming was lasting until 1am but Andy said this was too much when the girls were still needing to get to work the next day.

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