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Image via Rose and Partners The 130,000-square-foot center is a mash up of minimalist tendencies overlaid by Post-Modernism, resulting in a surprisingly airy and subtly humorous environment.

CCA houses one of the three most comprehensive architectural archives in the world (the collections at Columbia University and the RIBA in London complete the triad) and boasts 700 architectural journal subscriptions.

So it’s out of character when I pull my phone out to snap a pic of my first dish.

The small golden biscuit’s flaky interior is a lush spring green, the flour blended with the radish leaves, as is the whipped butter, while the soft pink-red tops of the miniature radishes bleed into the white tails.

The unusual color palette leaves me riveted and I am reminded of Doig’s paintings from earlier in the day.

Hey there, Ive done it a few times with mixed results.

8am: Habitat 67 Montreal’s Trudeau Airport staff are barely in place when I disembark from the plane.

In no time, I’m racing toward the nearly 50-year-old Habitat 67, Moshe Safdie’s thesis at Mc Gill University turned model housing project for the World Fair Expo.

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(It’s been noted that one will find Le Corbusier catalogs in his studio.) These cinematic, enigmatic scenes in oil on linen, leave me breathless. If she’d been a New Yorker, her vision for an international research center and museum would be based here instead of her hometown of Montreal.

Founded in 1979, The Canadian Center for Architecture (CCA) is an archive, library, research residency, exhibition and public forum.

Lambert, a product of Illinois Institute of Technology, collaborated with fellow Montrealer, Yale-trained Peter Rose.

His structure of steel and acrylic cells served as the US Pavilion for the World Fair Expo 1967.

In 1976 a fire destroyed the plastic bubble and by the 1990s, the internal spaces focused on exhibitions about the environment, and the structure was thus renamed the Biosphere.

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