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Typical male ISTPs enjoy their partners participation in their own favorite activities assert the right to space and time alone (sequestering a. tend to avoid talking about feelings (especially male ISTPs, but might get better at it as they age). I am an intj female dating an istp male for almost 7 months now. ISTP personality type (Jungian) information including a summary, population details, famous ISTPs and career matches. Female ISTP married to a male INTJ for over 10 years.. Dating ISTP personalities is a tango, complex and interesting, with alternating. Im beginning to think we are just too different for each other. If you think of dating as a marketplace its not a very good one, says Jeremy Arnold, co-founder of an in-development dating app called Launch.. Males in particular seem best suited and most drawn to ISFP or ESFP women. I knew this istp guy from highschool who had similar interests to me on some. I know a few female physicians (and some males) who would gladly take a. Not being easily threatened by conflict or criticism means the INTP could probably handle our intense, perfectionist side without cringing or walking away.It seems like they also have a good balance of logic and creativity, like the INFJ, so we'd get along well in that respect.

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