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"My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our week at Beach House. Beach House - All-Inclusive features an intimate 21-suite, adults-only retreat on the gorgeous Grace Bay Beach.

Our only complaint was that premium liquor was advertised,yet it was unavailab..." "My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our week at Beach House. Other than that, the hotel is well appointed yes, comfortable and private.

The buffet offered a nice selection from all different cultures and it was mostly tasty. The groundskeepers do an amazing job and the whole resort is well kept and beautiful, that was something I was very impressed with. I highly recommend this resort, it is worth every dime!

Some of the restaurants were not as good so we ended up going to the buffet after our reservation anyways. We walked down past the other resorts and many of the other places did not keep their beaches up like Iberostar. In comparison to the other resorts we saw, Iberostar was truly on another level of service and quality of stay.

Kick off those flip flops - dig into the white sand and crystal clear delicious water of Playa Bavaro. There's another sport you mustn't miss: the onsite shopping.

Description: Fresh salads, burgers and local fish are served here.

We had a villa that was spacious, well kept, and nice and cold air conditioning.

The bars were great and offered good brands like Stoli and Smirnoff Vodka.

As far as food goes, you’re better off sticking to the buffet.

The restaurants that require a reservation were all a let down and we ended up at the buffet afterwards.

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