Pay nuthin for fhone chat

Useful if you're, say, Fed Exing it across the country.

However, certainly the most important security feature on this phone is that all of this stuff is very easy to use, and presented in a way that's simple to understand.

There are a few phones on the market that tout heightened security and privacy features, most of them hoping to attract the buyers at enterprise businesses who manage fleet purchases (the people who used to, and probably still do, keep Blackberry afloat).

No doubt, the Blackphone 2, with its support for all the big enterprise device-management platforms (Good, Citrix, etc), is aiming at these buyers too.

The company is able to deliver its own OS updates and security patches over the air, without having to wait for carriers to verify them.

Each space has its own privacy settings, its own app permission settings, and its own allocation of system storage (the phone ships with 32GB, but there's a micro SD card slot for more).The Blackphone 2, the second device from the Swiss company Silent Circle, is unique.It promises a fully private experience, with advanced security features, deep permissions management, and encrypted voice, text, and video chat built in.Other security-minded features include a randomized keypad for the screen unlock code, and the ability to wipe the phone remotely.There's also a feature Silent Circle is calling "Brace for Impact" which lets you zap only specific apps and data on the phone but leave everything else untouched.

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