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I’ve always been taught, and thought myself, that it meant adultery.To answer your question APV: In a sense divorce is never okay in the church.In such cases, since there is no valid marriage, divorce won’t mean you commit adultery once you do enter a valid marriage with someone else.Same with anyone else in a sham marriage which is invalid in the first place.The second marriage exists in the eyes of civil law; but in the eyes of the Church it is a sin and not a sacrament at all.In the eyes of the Church, that man SHOULD get a CIVIL divorce from that second woman.

Assuming a valid, sacramental marriage in the first place, one would NOT be free to re-marry.

As a valid sacrament, that marriage will never end until death. The Church considers them STILL married sacramentally.

Then the man goes and gets married in a legal civil ceremony to a second woman.

In the event that the original marriage was not valid for some reason, an annulment would be needed before re-marriage.

I see your viewpoint, Tim, but to me that still seems to go against what Jesus is saying.

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