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Josie wanted to visit the country’s middle-of-nowhere rivers and mountains and get a firsthand look at the relationship between the sexes there (famously studied by Margaret Meade).To play it extra safe, we traveled with someone experienced in PNG’s ways, Greg Stathakis, a retired Santa Barbara schoolteacher who has been taking small groups of visitors and large bags of welcome first-world staples — everything from T-shirts and candy to school supplies — to PNG every year for the last 30 years.

The video shows at least four women being stripped, beaten and burned as they are interrogated by villagers.

The Papua New Guinea government brought in the new laws after being criticised in June by the UN, which said that authorities were doing nothing to prevent the attacks.

The man, known as Max, was filmed at a village in Enga province in October sharing his story with police, saying he died after they used witchcraft to 'invisibly' remove his heart and his relatives 'dealt with the women' after they denied any involvement by tying them up, beating and burning them, according to The Guardian.

He said he came from a village in the Highlands and that he was very poor.

He said he’d like to tell us more about himself and asked for our room number so he could come by that night to talk after he got off work at midnight.

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