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We were given orange floral cotton tablecloths to put on each one, upon which we then placed small white enamel plates for the boys and girls to put their biscuits or sandwiches on.

Alternatively you could buy chocolate malted milk biscuits for These being very popular because they contained a photograph of a well-known film star of that era such as 'Norma Shearer’ 'Clark Gable’ 'Robert Taylor’ 'Ann Sheridan' etc.

Eventually I went into the last class in the infants, my teacher there was Miss Girdlestone, she was a real shocker, such a nasty temper, she used to shout and get very angry if you did not pay attention.

By this time the mugs of Horlicks were replaced by small 1/3 pint bottles of milk, which we had each morning.

As a footnote I married a girl called Ann Walters from Halesowen, it happens her father was raised in Ladywood as well, they had a sweet shop in St. Here dads name is John Walters, his father was quite a famous runner FRED WALTERS, he drove a taxi.

My memories are very clear of my time there, Miss Bamford moved to Bath Passage at the side of the baths.

My pals at school I remember were, Paul Chadwick, Christpher Weston, Mark Tennant at St Georges.

I remember the sweet shop at the top of our yard, Mrs Lowe ran it.

She never married as the man she was to wed was an officer in the first world war and was killed there as so many were.I used to listen to her reminisces as it was so much like a history book, she told me she saw Queen Victoria by the Mint in her carriage, and the horses were watered by where she was standing (about 1890 odd)?? Best Regards Malcolm Booth I think one of the earliest memories I can recall goes back to the time when having reached my fifth birthday I was taken by my mother to attend 'Nelson Street Infant School, Ladywood, Birmingham 'for the very first time.I remember it vividly and all kinds of little things come rushing back to me as I sit and think of those long bygone days in 1933.I can see her now, she always seemed to wear brown on most occasions, her hair was always combed neatly into one long curl which went all the way round from one side of her head to the other and when she walked along it used to bob up and down, at the time it used to fascinate me.She was very nice and helpful if you did not understand any of the lessons she would sit very patiently with you and explain everything.

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