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Charlie and Itchy have to dress up like girls to get the cafe back! Episode 1x01 (1) “The Chipettes” (1983) Alvin and his brothers disguised as girls.Episode 1x06 (6) “Mother's Day” (1983) David disguised as a woman.There, Tani performs an experiment that has failed seven times; Yokoda is the latest subject to have his life force transferred into an android body. Yokoda is reborn as the armor-skinned android 8 Man, able to dash at impossible speeds, as well as shape-shift into other people.

Episode 50 “Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme” Robotnik heads to ancient Mob Egypt to get the Emerald of Immortality and to ensure Sonic's ancestors never meet so that he'd never be born. Robotnik hechman, Scratch, disguises as a egyptian woman.They have hired a new employee, the very strange Michiksua. First of all, he uses this little doll he uses to "council" Rion.Second, he has a penchant for crossdressing, especially the Delmo uniforms.His only choice: try the potion out on himself first and see what happens! Aki is the neighborhood crossdresser who wears a thick application of make-up.Keiichi gets his girlfriend back all right, along with a new problem: he turns partially into a girl himself! A life-long resident of the Abenobashi Shopping Arcade, he is quite knowledgeable about the history of the area and its people.

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