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Dim lastdateofmonth As Date Dim lastwhichday As String slastdayofmonth = "31" 'if the OS system is using m/d/yyyy then use this lastdateofmonth = (s Txt MMM "/" slastdayofmonth "/" Txt YYYY) lastwhichday = Weekday(lastdateofmonth) 'if th OS system is using d/m/yyyy then use this lastdateofmonth = (slastdayofmonth "/" s Txt MMM "/" Txt YYYY) '========== Check OS Date format======== Dim OSDate Format Type As Integer ' 0 = month-day-year; 1 = day-month-year; 2 = year-month-day If Application.

International(xl Date Order) = 0 Then OSDate Format Type = 0 Else If Application.

This type corresponds to a block of raw memory and has no pre-defined operations in Lua, except assignment and identity test.

However, by using , the programmer can define operations for userdata values (see §2.8).

Lua supports coroutines on all systems, even those that do not support threads.

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Do not confuse Lua threads with operating-system threads.

For a detailed introduction to programming in Lua, see Roberto's book, .

This section describes the lexis, the syntax, and the semantics of Lua.

International(xl Date Order) = 1 Then OSDate Format Type = 1 Else If Application.

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