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You see, if this composition were shouty, in-your-face like most contemporary, market-led perfumes, it just wouldn't work.

Ellena is a one-of-a-kind perfumer who believes the idea of scent needs to evolve with the times, but never in the direction of vulgarity, always in the direction of simple, understanted elegance.

It’s like when some people smell elemi and it smells like pickles to them. I think that they are quite similar and I prefer the Hermès. It's well worth owning for days when you need a bit of lift.

Joy, light and grace were the words that came into my mind when I first smelled this fragrance and I immediately envisioned Grace Kelly in the movie High Society wearing that white dress and sitting around the blue pool while men swirl around her languishing for her.

The sillage and longevity are low-moderate, but that is perfect for me.

It can’t be over applied and offends pretty much no one.

This is a fragrance that is meant to be worn and enjoyed by the wearer more than anything else.

I was taken by how amazing all the hermes prefumes are, they are beautiful.I like them all, but I find I do not need them all, they are not different enough I’m writing a new review for this fragrance as it has become my all time favorite.Nothing is quite like this one for me; it’s sunny and crisp, yet soft and soothing.This is such a beautiful perfume, however the longevity in projection is not there!I spray it and then within 10-15 minutes gone, unless you press your nose against where you sprayed it.

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