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On some sites, the person knowsthat you received his or her e-mail and read it.

On some sites, the person also knows that you deleted it.

I'd venture to say⎯barring a nasty diagnosis or a death in her immediate family⎯she wasn't attracted, even though she liked him. In other words, she was either avoiding an act of rejection, or she was using him for his brain. Now I was being tested on a subject I knew nothing about. If you don't want someone like me, please let your freak flag fly right away.

Truthfully, I have no idea why this woman dumped my buddy. Get Your All Your Duck Fetishes in a Row "I hurt myself last night, but I can't say what I did," confessed one potential paramour over Pad Thai. We'd been hanging out for six weeks, and I thought there was potential.

If you’re still anonymous, the situation probably isn’t dangerous, but you may still feel uncomfortable.

The appropriate actions to take include Occasionally, you’ll run into people who just won’t stop contacting you even after you’ve rejected them.

When your goal is to make a clean break from the person who won’t let go (or any prospect, for that matter), never argue or defend yourself.

You have to accept the bad guy or girl role unless you want to create an even angrier person out of your former prospect.

Say that you’re in the middle of an Instant Messaging (IM) exchange, and you realize that the prospect just isn’t a match. And for the record, the inappropriate actions are Regarding those first two actions, your prospect would probably think you had computer problems and keep trying to reach you, which isn’t what you want. And regarding the porno action, sending pornographic material can be construed as harassment and get you into a heap of legal trouble.

The Internet-appropriate action to take is to simply say“I need to stop now. If it’s an argument telling you why you are a match, simply sign off. Regarding the third action, no stranger is worth any emotional investment on your part, especially negative ones. If someone has really incensed you, avoid further trouble even though you’re anonymous. They are unlikely to go postal on you, but some people are sufficiently sick to do some serious libel and slander.

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