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(1) If the buyer has prepaid any amount for services, so much of the amount prepaid that is allocable to services that the buyer has not received shall be promptly refunded to the buyer or his or her representative.(2) "Disability" means a condition which precludes the buyer from physically using the services specified in the contract during the term of disability and the condition is verified in writing by a physician designated and remunerated by the buyer.I sure wish I'd read it before I gave Nuera my money!From the Better Business Bureau's Comments & Analysis: "the majority of complaints generated for this industry concern verbal misrepresentations by salespersons and contractual disputes regarding cancellation and refunds.Because their client list is so limited by the cost involved, the matching pool is undoubtedly small (they may tell you or imply that they have hundreds). They have extremely high-pressure sales reps, telling enticing but wildly unrealistic stories about their service as it regards your future happiness.PLEASE read the Better Business Bureau's site about this company.

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They might eventually match you with someone that turns out to be your next partner, from among their limited clientele. Find out what more than just a few strangers have to say. In California, there is an entire Civil Code section devoted to “dating service” contracts – Civil Code section 1694.

It appears to be completely absent from the current Nuera agreement.

Also missing from the Nuera contract is any mention of the “disability” and “relocation” clauses which seem to be required by the statute.

If one of your experienced trust-worthy friends can personally recommend this company and if you have enough spare money to be able to say "hey, why not just give this a try? Nuera apparently either isn’t aware of this, or doesn’t care — because its standard agreement appears to ignore the requirements of the statute.

So, in short, the contract may be easily VOIDABLE due to its flaws with respect to the California Civil Code.

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