Nicaragua dating customs

Most Nicaraguan women are very honest, open, and gracious and very helpful.

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When I would explain to them, we would all laugh about it and they would practice with me at the counter and tell me how to say the right word in Spanish. Nicaraguan people are very friendly and all the foreigners who come to Nicaragua feel good here because Nicaraguans are very charming and amiable.Before, nobody thought that if you speak English in Nicaragua, you are going to make money and nobody thought that business like canopy, hotels, etc., would work.Now, everyone is trying to create ideas to attract people.Wherever Nicaraguans live, one finds friends and it becomes a lively place.As an American or an expat coming to Nicaragua, you shouldn’t have any problems with locals. They will talk about their personal lives within five minutes of meeting you, and then later ask what is up with you.

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