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The two were swept from the hut they were staying in and separated by the force of the current. "Grief in and of itself, I don't wish on anyone," Berkus told Huff Post live during a recent interview while promoting his book, "but it's also a very personal process everyone has to go through in their own time and in their own way...

the goal, no matter how long it takes or how cyclical it is, the goal is to not get stuck in the grief." Instead of getting stuck in that greif and let it define him, Berkus created a new normal.

PHOTOS: Best celebrity engagement rings Not that he's planning to take the same plunge anytime soon: "I'm not rushing down the aisle right now, but that is not a no!

Berkus, who is the host of “American Dream Builders,” echoed those sentiments, and said, “I look back and realize that before I met Jeremiah, I had sort of stopped seeing.and later host of his own television program, he has mastered the art of creating elegant, welcoming rooms in seemingly no time at all.(Just consider, as evidence of his abilities, the uproarious audience applause, tears of joy, and effusive Winfrey whoops that greeted his projects upon their unveiling.) In the case of his Manhattan duplex, the designer—true to form—executed one of his hallmark speedy transformations, with chic results that are a thoughtful reflection of his past.“We pictured Poppy, and eventually the rest of our family, planing under that tree, and we thought this was a place we could put down roots,” he says.WATCH THIS: How Well Do Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent A run-in with the then-owners of the1928 house in Los Angeles’s genteel Hancock Park neighborhood sealed the deal.

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