Natalia livingston dating tyler christopher

Livingston also appeared in the films Popstar (2005), and West of Brooklyn (2008), as well as the upcoming 2012 film Rough Hustle.

Prior to her role as breast cancer survivor Emily Quartermaine, Livingston had performed a breast self-exam after watching an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show that promoted awareness for the disease. Livingston has been actively involved with the Susan G.

It's not okay, what happened on Last Tango In Paris, she tells The Wrap.

You want to be considerate of each other and thoughtful and mindful.

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But then you add a storyline like this where you have to act out this horrible, horrible thing with someone you love in real life, and then have to do it in front of the whole world. It's nothing you want to even have in your subconscious. One of the writers had her own experience with rape, and it was really, really important to her that the story be told as truthfully and realistically as possible and that were able to help the victims in some way.

Komen Foundation and Revlon Run/Walk for Women, helping to raise money and increase awareness through national campaigns and PSAs.

She has traveled widely in Europe, the Middle East, Russia, Africa and North and South America, and during a trip to India worked at Mother Teresa's Home for the Dying.

She continues, The writers were very thoughtful in the way that they approached me with the rape story. For more from Livingston on her own experience with rape scenes as well as further thoughts on the Last Tango In Paris controversy, check out The Wrap's full interview here.

What do you think about the behind-the-scenes details Livingston shared about her GH rape scenes?

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