Mediaportal epg not updating

Dedicated set top boxes are appliances, which is to say they’re not designed for you to upgrade or repair at home. That’s going to be tricky on an Apple TV, to say the least. Buy a cheap USB gamepad, or set up your console controllers to work with your PC.A desktop computer, on the other hand, is easy to upgrade piece by piece – by design. Set-top boxes are designed to do one thing; computers are designed to do everything. Here’s the main reason a computer is better than a consumer device: it will keep working. I had the Linux version of the software installed on an old computer, and the old computer plugged into my TV – and I loved it.despite having the option ticked in the xmltv plugin mediaportal does not refresh the epg database so after a few weeks i will start to see "To Be Announced" appearing lots in the guide. they wont tell you to install a newer version, because the general epg handling and also the xmltv plugin hasn't changed since many many many years What options exactly do you have ticked? so far my solution ha been to reset the epg databse every month or so, it gets refreshed this way in a few minutes. Does anyone else get their epg using xmltv and do you have this problem?

Update Star includes support for many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and many more.These devices severely limit what you can and can’t do with them, and are usually no more powerful than a mid-range PC from a few years ago.Give yourself the flexibility of a regular computer – you won’t regret it.James outlined why you don’t need a smart TV, saying basically that the “smart” bits will be obsolete long before you should be buying a new TV. It’s not complicated to hook up a desktop computer to your TV and set it up as your XBMC media center.If you try XBMC and don’t like it, that’s okay: you could set up Plex instead, or look into other options.

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