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Because most lunations are shorter than a solar month, there is occasionally a solar month in which two New Moons occur.

In this case, both lunar months bear the same name, but the first month is described with the prefix adhika, or intercalary. Adhika months occur every two or three years following patterns described by the Metonic cycle or more complex lunar phase cycles.

Each year during Kartik Purnima, which is the full moon in the Indian calendar month of Kartika, thousands of Rajputs lead their camels across the desert to the town of Pushkar for the annual camel fair. Lunar months are measures from one New Moon to the next (although some groups reckon from the Full Moon).

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The initial month of the year, Vaisakha, begins when the true longitude of the Sun is 23° 15’ (see table below).They serve as the basis for the calendar published in The Indian Astronomical Ephemeris.However, many local calendar makers continue to use traditional astronomical concepts and formulas, some of which date back 1500 years.During the waxing phases, tithis are counted from 1 to 15 with the designation Sukla.Tithis for the waning phases are designated Krsna and are again counted from 1 to 15.

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