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And male aggression is demonstrably linked to most of our criminal behavior, wars, and other human suffering.

So I think "G" is exercising her right as a parent to raise her son as feminine, and instill in him the values and promote the behaviors she deems fit.

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Also, those kinds of discussion threads (re politics, race, etc.) often become so emotional that further rational discussion becomes difficult.

Traditional family values and religious beliefs are all good, so far as they promote social cohesiveness.

But when they are used to judge or exclude, (as they so often do with regard to nontraditional family structures and gender-based behavior), they lose all moral authority. I think "G" is perfectly correct when she states that there is no clear advantage to raising a traditional dominant, alpha male in today's society.

A male who is inherently "macho" is just as likely to reject femininity as a male who is inherently feminine will resent being forced to play rough sports.

I saved my response to the inquiry and share it here: I agree with the original poster, "G", on this.

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