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Ternovskiy: I have received 200 e-mails from venture capital firms in the Silicon Valley alone. Ternovskiy: I always wanted to have a successful Web site. And now I would like my own company, an office, employees.

And I want it in the USA, because that's the center of IT culture.

I was hoping it would be a success, but I have been overwhelmed by the extent of it. SPIEGEL ONLINE: How did you deal with that tremendous rate of growth?

There are people who claim that a 17-year-old couldn't possibly manage such a project, that one would require more resources.

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Chatroulette, a Web site connecting random users via video, could be the next big thing online. In an interview in the bedroom where he grew up, 17-year-old Moscow student Andrey Ternovskiy who created the site talks about money and ways to rid his site of half-naked perverts.

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SPIEGEL ONLINE: Chatroulette is minimalist and, in a way, a return to the uncivilized and wild days of the Internet. Some even say that Chatroulette is the antithesis of Facebook, where almost everything can be controlled.Ternovskiy: A thousand rubles a week, that's about 25 euros. SPIEGEL ONLINE: We're wondering whether you know how to handle money.Your invention,, is already being talked about as the next big thing on the Internet. I'm thrifty and I've always managed to keep my savings together.Ternovskiy: It all works out, thanks to the Internet. School is a waste of my time and I'd rather use that time to program and for business negotiations.I manage my site with a free program, Google Analytics. One of them I've known for five years -- I met him online -- and he lives in Virginia. SPIEGEL ONLINE: Where do you get the money for all of this from? SPIEGEL ONLINE: Russian Web czar Yuri Milner wanted to meet with you recently.

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