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Thus, Pinkie vows to convince Rutherford that it's okay to ask for help.

Pinkie Pie gathers the yaks around the new ceremonial fire pit to tell a story.

These include a ceremonial fire pit around which the yaks sit and tell stories and various mud huts specifically used for eating, sleeping, and listening to music.

By the end of the day, Pinkie has absorbed so much yak culture that she adopts their unique form of speech and Rutherford considers her an honorary yak.

The yaks' faith in Rutherford is restored, but Rutherford notices the ponies just as they are leaving.

The rest of the Mane Six approve of Pinkie's continued relations with the yaks, and Twilight Sparkle even appoints her as the official friendship ambassador to Yakyakistan.

During the next Yickslurbertfest session of stomping, Pinkie Pie and the yaks stomp so loudly and forcefully that they accidentally trigger an avalanche; snow from the nearby mountain falls and covers the entire village.

Prince Rutherford assures Pinkie that this happens during every Yickslurbertfest and that the tenacious yaks will have the snow removed shortly.

Her story involves a situation very similar to that of Yakyakistan's—substituting the yaks for goats, the snow for desert sand, and the ponies for cows—and tells of how the goats reached out to the cows for help in their time of need.

Unfortunately, Rutherford fails to absorb the lesson of Pinkie's story.

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