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I'm also currently trying to find out more about vintage Longines and stumbled across this. don't own a Longines (got something incoming though ) so can't vouch for its accuracy. 8 moon watches have a s/n dating system that is slightly at variance with the regular Omega s/n's.I'm now wondering if my "birth-year" Seamaster is actually a 1958......We were quickly moved into a bed room (the 2 of us) and an overweight coloured girl saying she was from Costa Rica nervously left us saying wait a minute.Her pics on webpage is accurate and all services listed was done with great enthusiasm.Lucky for me, business takes me to the north east every now and then though sadly not at frequently as I would like.

This entire year has been an emotional roller coaster for the both of us.Most of the grief Blindsided 3 months ago and I still don't understand...I am in my 50s, been divorced for a very long time.I bought it for him in late 1978 and the serial number dates the movement to 1973.Obviously the actual production date will be somewhere between the 2!

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