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My last 3 relationships made me become a better man, and learned from those, now I finally know what I really want. I have dated 2 girls on this site but didnt end well, and I was sorry about that.

I love China very much so I am still looking for a Chinese girl to be my partner, not shameful to say that out loud.

This site protects peoples personal details and provides so many features that are irresistible.

I have found friendship from, so far I cannot complain.

My friend married a Chinese girl last year, and they live happily.

Thats the first reason why I became a member of this site. I haven't found the one, but I'm still waiting.

At the beginning, it was as if it wouldnt go well with me because the girl I wanted was actually not coming close to me.If you are struggling to earn your living, can't afford to sacrifice your job career & have little sources of incomes, well, BETTER, don't even get try to go to China to spend many days in there, just to look for such Chinese ladies as wives, unless you really want to get yourself financially broke . So, if you are lowly educated, have poor income earning powers, have little money, old & sick, BETTER don't look for such women as wives in the first place.Thirdly, Cultural barriers really can be bad & hinder any lasting romance to take place, as well as, ruin marriage later.I prefer not only for their hot Chinese women, but also because I learned a lot from this site.The traditional Chinese festival, the culture, the special Chinese ways of communicationthat helps me know a Chinese woman better.

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