Love at first sight dating programme

The unlucky dater was left shattered when maitre d' Fred Sirieixtold her that her date was a no show…but Sam, everyone’s favourite waiter, was on hand to be play the role of knight in shining armour. We didn’t have high hopes for Megan and Steven at first…

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Not content with turning Generation Y into members of a social precariat, pushed from job to job and flat to flat, big business is doing its best to make us members of a romantic precariat too.

“They just can’t get people to stick with it,” said a programme source. Then, from the second lot of couples, one member of each couple dropped out.

There’s family pressure and a lot of them get cold feet.

Or Romprecariat, if you will - with only the occasional romp to distract us from the precariousness of love in an environment where the perfect match is always a swipe away. The rise of the perma-dater has created its own culture, bringing with it a lot of very entertaining dating blogs, books, and the opportunity to regale your friends and be regaled with stories of the best and worst first encounters.

There’s also First Dates, the Channel 4 reality show returning for a third series this evening, which sees singletons matched up over dinner in one London restaurant.

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