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The Bank has already raised concerns these deals are helping to fuel Britain's borrowing binge, by allowing customers to pay no interest on existing debt for up to 43 months.

Some cards also allow people to make interest-free purchases for two years or more, encouraging them to rack up more debt.

These are the worst figures since the height of the credit crisis at the end of 2008.

Almost £200billion in consumer credit is owed in total – an average of around £7,700 per household – and this figure does not even include mortgages.

However, anti-drug campaigners have slammed the move calling it flippant and frivolous.

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The campaign, which includes messages such as 'chop up your line nice and fine,' and 'If it is not well chopped, you can damage your nostrils,' has been slammed as irresponsible and making light of a serious subject Bilbao PP spokesman Luis Eguiluz has called for the city council programme to be withdrawn because there is a 'risk' that young people may underestimate the danger of using illegal drugs.'Although the campaign is developed in a personalised information centre directed at the drug user, it is a real nonsense to deliver a kind of consumer kit with a slogan so light and frivolous,' he told the Spanish press.

Bilbao council says the supply of this card is part of a pilot plan and could be extended after the results of its implementation are analysed.

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