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How on earth does Perry keep getting press attention and so keep topping up the fuel in her flame-firing Wizard of Oz console?

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Despite having put out several videos that the startup claimed showed its 3D graphics tech in action – exciting images of whales leaping out of gym floors, and killer robots bursting into your workplace – the truth was the Florida-based company, flush with millions in VC money, had simply paid a special effects studio to make the vids for it.

Which reminds us: whatever happened to the mini-Theranos, wireless charging company u Beam? It has been 18 months – six months longer of Magic Leap – since u Beam was also called out on its non-existent technology, this time by a former head engineer. And it can't charge multiple phones without getting the process running even slower.

Has it been promising that its technology is just around the corner that whole time? Does it have a super-believer founder who goes out of her way to get into the press? In short, in our view, it is not viable, especially when magnetic charging is so much cheaper and more effective.

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