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70 percent of its matches have led to chat conversations on the app.

After that, it's unclear where those connections lead. But, would people keep using the app just to chat with strangers close by? The act of swiping through potential hook-ups might be addictive enough to keep people interested short term.

The top 20 in terms of unique visitors (according to Alexa) are shown above.Up until now dating apps, not to be confused with online dating websites, have had a male heavy demographic—that is, until Tinder came along.Tinder is the latest in a slew of location based hook-up partner finding apps that use GPS to locate future sex-mates. But, it's different than Blendr, the other "Grindr for straight people," and the dozens of others of dating apps out there in one critical aspect: women are actually using it., it brings together like-minded couples in a non-threatening virtual space, so they can get to know each other before committing to a physical date.On top of the countless mainstream sites, there are specialized ones to help you find someone with the same religion, interests and sexual preferences -- whether you're seeking a friendly relationship, life partner or a one-night stand.

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    I'm a separated mother I have a daughter Isabella by name she's 6 years old, I'm searching for the love of my life, a sincere and honest man, caring and loving, I'm not here for lies or games, I hope...

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    I’m in a relationship with kids and I tend to consider myself as being “in crisis”. I’ve had platonic, friendly, love relationships, in different places.

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    Phil Reeve wrote in the Independent, “Few places are as hospitable as India.

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    At the 2012 i Date Mobile Dating Conference, the first ever consumer focus group for mobile dating apps unanimously reiterated the same complaints from years prior. These concerns varied between participants and included physical, emotional and sexual risks, the risk of being scammed, the risk of encountering dangerous and dodgy people, the risk of pregnancy, risks to family, the risk of lies and deceit.

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    If you are, get a copy from the reconsideration form from the Admissions Office (or download it online), fill it up, turn it in and pay the school staff 300 pesos for the retest fee.

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    All three people in this triangular arrangement have their issues.