Liquidating assets before divorce afro caribbean speed dating london 2016

However, if there are no restraints in place, then there is nothing that prevents you from accessing these funds.

However, the court will be able to trace what happened to the funds and, depending on what other assets there are of the marriage, the court can order that your wife receive other property that would have normally been awarded to you to compensate her for the funds that you accessed from the retirement accounts.

This could result in her getting more than 50% in equitable distribution.

I would not recommend liquidating an IRA to purchase a car.

This includes any stocks and bonds and any IRA/401K contributions and accruals made during the time of the marriage.

If you liquidate any investments prior to the granting of the divorce, you raise two issues.

That said, there is a practical limit, if you liquidate everything it does begin to appear as though you are "planning" and that fact can be taken into consideration when you get to court.

It is best, however, for you to contact an experienced family lawyer in your area for specific advice and legal representation.If you are in my area and are looking for an attorney, please contact me for a free consultation.If your wife files for divorce, it is likely that the court in Ohio would issue an order restraining you both from liquidating anything.Not if she has not filed and you have not been served.Just because you believe she is about to do it does not change your facts.

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