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Alongside the architectural deconstruction, Middleton has knocked down the partition that separated the corridor and the gallery, and an elevated timber floor covers the entire space.The building has often been an obstinate host for the institution, and the effect of the newly opened-up gallery is startling.Exposed brick walls, Mumford & Sons, tattoos, beards, and cocktails in jam jars all represent the same thing: an idea of the authentic in an era of austerity.Asher’s asceticism, and Middleton’s quotation of it, suggests that something so historically antagonistic has become scenery in overpriced cafés.I’m reminded of a summer job I had as a student, working in a dairy factory.My sole responsibility was to take the milk off a conveyer belt and wheel it into the refrigerated room next door.

A number of artists have physically intervened in, closed, and emptied gallery spaces, and the visibility of Middleton’s gesture pivots on the visitor’s previous knowledge of the ICA building.Authenticity becomes another thing to sell alongside expensive lattes while the rhetoric of transparency is spouted by tax-avoiding corporations.The stop-motion animation (2017), projected in the upper gallery, presents a skinny dog writhing around in the corner of an empty room.I wonder how many of them daydreamed about handing in their own resignation letter.Middleton’s exhibition also recalls the work of Maria Eichhorn.

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