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1992 A storm over the Maritimes produced snow, rain, freezing rain and winds gusting to more than 100km/h.Small planes were damaged in the wind and the storm caused a 5 storey building being built in Dartmouth, NS to collapse.The resulting wind chills were -73 and -77 respectively.Use this link to calculate the wind chill where you are now. ON, breaking a 45 year old daily maximum temperature record here.1909 Heavy rain on the 5th and 6th damaged roads and bridges in New Brunswick.Close to 100mm rain fell in Saint John and Sussex whilst ice breaking up in the south-west branch of the Miramichi River left ice piled up to 3m high along river banks.1901 Toronto's coldest night of the year as lows drop to -28.8C.

Beginning on the 6th and ending on the 7th, the storm dumped 43cm snow on Charlottetown and up to 70cm on other parts of the island.Pleasant as this warm weather might have been it caused mudslides on construction sites and flooding in some basements.Click here to see what the weather's like there right now.At the same time British Columbia records its coldest night on record as lows at Smith Falls drop to -58.9C.1976 Belle Island, Labrador measures an hourly wind speed of 138km/h, the highest recorded in Labrador.

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