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If the horse is at the water and still refuses to obey the rules...maybe an immediate (without warning) chat ban happens......a little window opens on their end saying... I find myself thinking about the folks I chat with, & even tho I have only met 1 person personally, I can picture all the rest clearly! Most of us chat outside of BP as well as here on the site and you know you are hopelessly addicted when you try using BP chat icons in other chat programs simply from being in BP so much.

You failed to follow the chat rules, You have benn banned from chat for XX many days... Here is photo of my balls ;)Charlie, as Blu, Freaky, & Chilly so aptly put it, this site is not about embarrasing people, but rather making them feel comfy! From time-to-time, a bad apple may appear in chat but the Mods R quick to weed them out. Please join us in chat & do not feel like an outsider. We need a program to take the BP icons with us into other programs Bill lol!!

Timhop has an Asian Dating app that’s available on both i Phone and Android. I’m a fit relaxed guy 22 y/o currenty pursuing post graduate education. Because we can't seem to find one that wants to lol. And neither one of us is comfortable with me having sex with another guy.Looking for open minded friends, couples, and singles who wanna chat about hardcore sex and pornography. We want to engage in man2man oral, with a possibility of more. Well let's see what you folks can come up with lol.Members describe themselves as well as their dream mate, and select their interests and match preferences.Just a place to talk to other people who live in or near New Mexico 18 only please be polite don't stalk and if your able to follow those 3 rules & be your self @ the same time maybe u might make a few friends .......

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