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China has been the sole importer of North Korean coal. We’re currently in the so-called “lean season” when food is particularly scarce in North Korea, and with economic anxiety following the tensions of the spring and summer, the price instability on the markets has surely made access to food less certain.

Tuesday’s data shows Pyongyang earned more coal-export income in August than in either January or February, when China imported about 2.5 million and .1 million worth of North Korean coal, respectively. Wall Street Journal: China’s agricultural exports to North Korea rose sharply in July and August, amid rising geopolitical tensions and at a time of year when the food supply in the isolated nation is usually at its lowest.

Full article: China’s Food Exports to North Korea Surge Lucy Craymer Wall Street Journal 2017-09-27 Again, this does not necessarily imply a stark change of policy on the side of China.

Rather, it is one indication among many that hopes are naive that Chinese pressure on North Korea would mean a complete cutoff of North Korea by China from the rest of the world.

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