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Abrams and Matt Reeves spoke at Felicity herself, Keri Russell’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony before she was joined by her co-star Scott Speedman on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” later that night.

When Kimmel asked if there was a possibility of a “Gilmore Girls”-style reunion (meaning, more episodes), Speedman said he didn’t think it was likely.

I just didn’t pull it off and she called me out.” “It was like a Chia head sort of look,” he added. We all recovered.” Russell responded, “A young ‘20s boyfriend is called a disaster of a boyfriend.” Still, the pair continue to be great friends and Speedman even attended Russell’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony earlier that day.

However, would the former co-stars be willing to rekindle their romance on-screen for a possible “Felicity” reboot?

Keri Russell was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday but the only thing anyone cares about is BEN AND FELICITY. OK yes, technically, Felicity Porter and the gang were in college but it was still the stuff of teen dreams.

In the late 90s and early 00s, when I was actually in the demo these dramas were aimed at, they were my whole sh-t.

I don’t believe that you can be a famous 20-something with that face and that body and also be a standup dude.

They don’t get into the specifics of Speedman’s disastrous boyfriend behavior but he does tell a hilarious story about when he first saw Russell’s infamous Felicity, show-ending, not-that-bad-in-hindsight-guys haircut.

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“I always loved and thought she looked amazing,” the Scandal actor, 45, exclusively tells Us Weekly.Speedman revealed they were still together when Russell’s character famously chopped off her signature curly mane for a story line.“We were actually dating at the time and I had been such a disaster of a boyfriend up until [then] and I knew I had to put on a good show,” he explained.Unlike Foley, Scott Speedman, who played Ben Covington on the teen drama, was taken aback by Russell’s shorter curls.“We were actually dating at the time, and I’d been such a disaster of a boyfriend up until then,” the 44-year-old said during a joint interview with Russell, 41, on Jimmy Kimmel Live! “And I knew I had to put on a good show when I was going to see her new haircut.

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