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She says: ‘I was supposed to be working but I dropped everything and ran to Edgware Road, searching for the right type of mayonnaise.

I couldn’t find it anywhere and was so scared of telling him that it didn’t cross my mind how cheeky he was.‘He didn’t even bring wine.

Twenty three years ago Eddie Kidd – star of an iconic Levi’s advert – was all of those things.

The 18-year-old actress had ripped his pin-up photograph out of a newspaper just three weeks earlier.

Sami cried and tore the head off every photograph of him.

While Sami abstained from dating for three years and ploughed her energy into dancing shows, Eddie moved to Hertfordshire with his new wife.

Confident, self-possessed and nine years her senior, he telephoned the following day, informing Sami he would be cooking her dinner at her flat that evening – and left her a very particular shopping list of ingredients including pappardelle pasta and fat-free mayonnaise.Passers-by rightly hail his courage and determination – yet this is much more than a tale of a battle against adversity. When someone sat down at the next table she glanced across – and almost spilled her drink.She instantly recognised the crow-black quiffed hair, the cheekbones that could slice steel and the scowl that only an actor, daredevil stuntman and heart-throb model could pull off.Six weeks later, they met at another party and Eddie persuaded her to join him for Sunday lunch.She agreed, even though she had long planned to move to Texas the following Wednesday to pursue her acting career.

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