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Jay is later fostered by Billy, who is wracked with guilt for not saving Jase from the gang.

Jay's behaviour worsens when he plans an arson attack on Dawn, but Billy is able to stop him and Jay eventually makes amends with Dawn.

Jay and Jase try to flee Walford when Jase double-crosses a football firm but Dawn stops their departure by setting a date for her and Jase's wedding.

The firm, led by Terry Bates (Nicholas Ball), holds Jay hostage to get revenge on Jase.

Jay and Billy move into a flat with Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks), who tries to get rid of Jay by stealing and blaming it on him.

Feeling unwanted, Jay befriends Marissa Moore (Finn Atkins), who works at a brothel, and they plan to run away together.

Impressed with Jay's courage, Phil is pleased when Jay decides to change his surname to Mitchell, though it upsets Phil's son Ben Mitchell (Joshua Pascoe).Terry's wife, Viv Bates (Dido Miles), threatens to hurt Jay if Billy testifies.Jay is taken hostage by Terry's firm as a security measure, and Billy risks his own life to save him.Their daughter, Karen, is Jay's mother and is dead from breast cancer.Jay appears after Evie's funeral, when he is taken to live with Bert in Walford, per Evie's wishes.

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