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The bone-chilling cold is causing havoc across much of the country, and is expected to continue into next week.

The cold is causing traffic accidents, and some New Year's Eve celebrations have been canceled.

Attorney at Law Magazine - Has the Government’s Ability to Hack Civilian Computers Gone Too Far?

29, 2017 The Department of Homeland Security recently announced a series of heightened aviation security measures for commercial flights inbound to the United States, including “enhanced screening of [passengers’] electronic devices.” Experts estimate that United States border officials will search and seize nearly 30,000 computers, cell phones and tablets by the end of 2017.

News 5 Cleveland - Convicted sex offender worked at Independence school for troubled youth July 12, 2017 “The law right now does not prevent that so it really is incumbent on the employer to do their research and then make a decision,” Friedman explained.

Daily Mail - Supporters pack courtroom where teen girl, 15, is charged with killing her father to protect her mother after 'years of abuse' January 20, 2017 Bresha's lawyer, Ian Friedman, said the girl was born into an abusive home and often witnessed her mother being abused at the hands of her father.

- Judge orders Bresha Meadows to treatment facility for evaluation in dad's slaying January 20, 2017 Her attorney, Ian Friedman, said the child killed her father in self-defense.

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