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We talk Navy Brat Life, Japan, Punk Rock and Skateboard Decks, Screen Printing, Carving Paths, Rules In the Free For All, Game Changer, Space Monkeys, Decomposition, Joys of Color Mixing, and Tho Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez joins me from his studio in Burbank, Ca.We talk Commands, Reality Answers, Show Postpartem, Dissatisfaction, Taking Due Credit, LA, Pranksterisms, Family, Good Parenting, Jiu Jitsu, Personality, Knowing How To Heal, I'd Rather Lov Martin Machado joins us from his studio in San Francisco.We talk Comic Con, HR Giger, Cambodian Genocide, Disconnect from History, Immigration, Landscapes and Portraits, Fake Rules, Andre, Figure Drawing, Thomas Kincaid, Doodling, Plain Air, Hipp Celeste Byers joins me via skype from her studio in Ocean Beach, Ca.We talk Speechism, Downhill Skateboarding, Makers Quarter, Social Media Friends, Staying Young on The Inside, Unsolvable Puzzles, Neo Hippy Movement, The Bias of titles, Farm living, Ba Beau Roulette joins me via skype from his studio in Los Angeles.We talk Raising Country Singers, Rural Retreat, Seclusion, Working in Groups, Wal Mart Greeters, Animation, Thanking The Universe, Gold Chips, Pushing Carts, Soiree's, Young School Chickens, Max Kauffman joins us via skype from The Blackbook Gallery in Denver.We talk Flickr, Bad Drivers, Info Getting, Deterioration, Age and Abstraction, Understanding Emotion, Walden's Pond, Blackbook Gallery Ahow, and Banter Scott Saw joins us via skype from his studio in San Diego.

We talk Making Mistakes, Flojos, Namesake, Periscopes, Digitial Reality, Missed Experience, Emily the Strange Connections To Nature, Baddass Ranch Girls, Drawing, Mythologies, The Female Exper Eric Yevak joins me via skype from his studio in Minneapolis.

We talk Richmond, Selective Mutism, Athleticism, Antagonism, Masculine vs.

Feminine Roles, Transgression, Land Lady Anxiety, Intuitive Response, Loosing Appeal, Evolution of Art Outside, The Andrew Hem joins me via skype from his studio in Los Angeles, Ca.

We talk Gassing Your Torch, Dueling Dabs, Venture Capitalists, Sharing Ideas, Toys, Empire 7 Studios, Risking Failure, Creeptographers, Open Relationships, Art Historian Mistakes, Wedding Bwana Spoons joins me via skype from his studio in Portland, OR.

We talk Technical Difficulties, Grass Hut, Moving To The Work, Forced Independence, Toy Art, Japanese Monsters, Never Playing Drums, Dumb 20 year olds, Comic Con, Dinosaurs, Male Pattern Ba Martin Wittfooth joins me via skype from his studio in Upstate NY for a two part episode.

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