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Sometime in the evening horse and rider tried to ford the often treacherous Duck River that bisects the Lynn spread.They never made it: On Tuesday a sheriff’s search party found the horse standing beneath a river bluff, and Jack’s body in the water nearby.She’s seen in vintage video and in more recent scenes, meeting fans and kicking songs around with Camp, her songwriting partner.It’s ironic seeing Garth Brooks and wife Trisha Yearwood paying lip service to Lynn’s traditional country, a sound their pop-rock-based styles ignored.Mooney’s other nickname is “Doolittle.” Says an old musical associate of Loretta, “The name explains itself.” For years Loretta has carried the family financially and borne its personal burdens.Last year the wife of second son Ernie Rey, who plays guitar behind Loretta, gave birth to stillborn twins: They were buried at Hurricane Mills. Betty, oldest of Lynn’s children at 35, is divorced with two daughters and helps answer Loretta’s fan mail.

Clawing her way up from the poverty of a Kentucky coal miner’s daughter to multimillionaire country-music queen, Loretta set a corrosive work regimen that never slackened.covers Lynn’s life and career to date, including the deaths of son Jack and her husband Mooney, who first encouraged her music and whose rowdy behavior inspired her to write many of her hit songs.Guitar playing has been a constant, from the time Mooney bought her her first guitar, a Harmony-made Sears acoustic (seen on camera) through her 1960 debut “Honky Tonk Girl,” recorded in Hollywood with guitarist Roy Lanham and Speedy West on pedal steel.On her later hits, Nashville A-Teamers – including Rugg and guitarists Ray Edenton, Pete Wade, and Harold Bradley – did the honors.She reflects on her career and personal life, joined by Willie Nelson, son Ernest Ray Lynn, daughter Patsy, Spacek, and White.

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