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and more further along than Iran’s nuclear capabilities and its attendant “Muslim threat,” is the Judaic contagion currently spreading its poison throughout America and the Western world. is being force-fed to Americans by the press, Congress, and the White House — all dominated by those who subscribe to a Zionist world-view.

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On a daily basis, their houses are being destroyed over the heads of innocent women and children.The foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia and other Arab states criticized Iran and its Lebanese Shi'ite ally Hezbollah at an emergency meeting in Cairo on Sunday, calling for a united front to counter Iranian interference.Soleimani acknowledged the multinational force Iran has helped organize in the fight against Islamic State and thanked the 'thousands of martyrs and wounded Iranian, Iraqi, Syrian, Afghan and Pakistani defenders of the shrine'.And for this — articulating acknowledged facts — the US (a colony of Israel) and its European shills, walked out on Ahmadinejad, the one world leader with the guts to tell the truth.Indeed, the Zionist-led West wishes to destroy Iran — not for its “nuclear programme” — but for being independent of Jewish control and for its influence with Hezbollah which remains a persistent obstacle against Israeli attempts to invade Southern Lebanon in order to seize their water resources.

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