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He has a reputation as being a "whale of a whale" and is feared by all the creatures of the sea, and apparently on land, as even Jiminy had heard of him.Monstro is first mentioned in the film when Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket receive a message from the Blue Fairy who is in the shape of a dove that he has swallowed Geppetto, Figaro, and Cleo when they took to the sea to search for Pinocchio. Against Jiminy's warnings, Pinocchio resolves to find and rescue Geppetto.He is duped by a gang of crooks, posing as a movie company, into breaking into banks for them to rob, and upon finding out the truth, helps Bonkers catch the criminals.Monstro makes a cameo in the episode "Of Mice and Menace". Monstro made several cameo appearances on House of Mouse.He dives underwater and emerges underneath the raft; Pinocchio and Geppetto row away in time, but when Monstro leaps after them, they are forced to jump into the sea. Pinocchio saves Geppetto from drowning and pulls him to shore, with Monstro in hot pursuit.As he builds up speed, the waves drifting from the cliff of the shore hinder Pinocchio.

Monstro wakes once again, this time to find smoke rising from his blowhole.

He animated Monstro as a cunning creature with a brain, making his pursuit of his prey all the more frightening.

To Reitherman can also be attributed, to an extent, the timing and staging of Monstro's chase sequences, which were timed to suggest the whale's great weight and power.

As Geppetto comes to, Jiminy, Figaro, and Cleo are washed onto the shore.

Pinocchio, however, didn't survive the blow (though he is later revived and turned into a real boy by the Blue Fairy).

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