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The wise Sally would have refrained from taking the personality quiz simply because it was connected to a dating site.

The wise Sally wouldn’t have been anywhere near a dating site.

Types of Love Presented by Signup for free online dating.

There is a unit-by-unit glossary of words from the main reading texts in the Student Book, with definitions taken from the Macmillan English Dictionary second edition.

A sensible woman would give herself plenty of time to heal from her previous relationship before beginning to date again.

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Discover the types of love and the language of love. It’s not as much fun to get a message from Bob.” “Yeah. Most people use their own names.” “Did you, when you started? It was always a laugh getting messages from The Chick Whisperer and Sexy Cougar Hunter. ” I am so bummed already that I can’t be Serendipity or Delicious. When I first signed up, I was Sally.” Now it’s my turn to pause.

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