How can hack imlive private cam problems updating k750i firmware

But in the most recent incident the scenario was completely different.

2ch (or ‘Dvach’) is an anonymous website, popular among Internet trolls, moral and justice crusaders, people with ‘alternative’ sense of humor, young hackers — a variety of individuals actually, from all walks of life.

In this post we are talking about unusual hack: the criminal did not hacked webcams with unreliable passwords for his stream.

Instead he compromised hundreds of PCs in several countries.

For several days (starting on April 26) 2ch users have been enjoying the possibility to spy on unsuspecting people, discuss their manners, appearance and room decorations.

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As TJournal reports, in most cases users don’t understand that their PCs are controlled by somebody else.

As it turned out, users all across the globe made the same simple mistake, which let the hackers in.

The users kept the device’s default passwords or chose weak combinations like 12345.

The creepy website was closed but the problem did not go away.

Last year users of the Russian humor site Pikabu started exploring the world through someone else’s webcam.

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