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But not all the stats associated with Tinder are promising—especially if you’re actually looking for something beyond a one-time hookup.In fact, among popular apps, Tinder has the lowest rate of long-term relationship success, according to a recent Consumers’ Research survey.Creating a little healthy competition will give you lots of opportunities to tease each other, which is a form of flirting,” explains Edwards.Whether you both love The Beatles or you have a shared affection for Fetty Wap, similar music tastes can be a great icebreaker.“My female clients often tell me they feel self-conscious about getting sweaty on a first date, so pick something that’s active but not a workout.

Just don’t plan anything too rigorous that will leave you both feeling gross and sticky.

That could mean losing the opportunity to go on a second date even if it were an awesome experience otherwise,” warns Edwards.

If you’ve been chatting up a chick who’s new to your city, ask her to meet you at a secret, insider spot in your city.

If you’re both into (hey, a guy could get lucky) a “grown-up” arcade that has some cool craft brews on tap is the perfect setting for a date.

“If there isn't one near you, look for a bar that has board games.

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