Herpes speed dating

Kaiser Health News interviewed five of the 20 participants in the clinical trial and several associates of Halford.The participants agreed to speak on condition of anonymity because they don't want to be known as having herpes.This time, she said, she became concerned about his methods, including how he was selecting his participants. Fernandez recently declined to respond to questions.But in an earlier interview this year with KHN, he said he initially contacted Halford to try to help someone he knew who was battling the disease.

Their accounts, along with documents, a video and emails obtained by KHN from the offshore trial, pointed to what experts said were serious irregularities: Halford did not rely on an institutional review board, or an "IRB," which monitors the safety of research trials. Halford offered booster shots of the unapproved vaccine inside the United States. "The FDA goes after these types of violations," said Holly Fernandez Lynch, a lawyer and assistant professor who specializes in medical ethics at the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine.

He said he didn't have herpes, or a background in science.

Fernandez, however, became such a believer in Halford, he said, he allowed Halford to inject him with the vaccine.

The experiments on himself, Halford believed, demonstrated the vaccine was safe.

In 2015, Halford set his sights on launching an offshore clinical trial.

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